Visit To Hokubee Australia

Aug 21, 2019
Visit To Hokubee Australia

When we asked some of our Carnivores “what do you think about Hokubee?”
Most of them answered : “Tender yet flavorful steak”
Do you know that one of the most favorite item on our menu is Hokubee?
Carnivores just fell in love with its tenderness & the flavor is really indulging the tastebuds.Interesting fact that most of our Carnivores that enjoyed Hokubee are children. That’s why we want to make sure the product that we’re serving to the customers are coming from the best source.


hokubee afit 2019


On August 2019, Chef Afit was invited by Hokubee Australia PTY LTD to visit their headquarter in Port Macquarie.
The visit was intended to show Chef Afit the production of Hokubee. To ensure the quality of the beef, the hygiene & how to make sure they consistently producing a great product. Hokubee is proudly made using all natural ingredients. No chemical, no preservatives & no meat glue. So yes, it’s safe for you.From what we see, what Hokubee Australia PTY LTD does shares the same spirit as Holycow! Steakhouse By Chef Afit. We both are committed to serve our customers the best quality of beef.

Thank you for the warm welcome Mr. Katsuichi Tokumoto, Mr.Jody Perkins, Mr. Yasunori Nagayama & Ms.Raissa Thamrin from PT. Masuya Graha Trikencana

Let this visit be the renewal of our commitment to serve great quality beef & hopefully many more people will enjoy Hokubee.